Sunday, May 22, 2005

further updates to the even more updates, updates

Okey dokey camperoos! Here's the deal. Hubby's and my friend, Bad Boyfriend, decided to be our roommate, once again, so that we can get this way cool, super spacious three bedroom townhome in Bloomington! YAY!!! We have lived with Bad Boyfriend twice before, both times were not the best situation for good rooming. Too many people not enough money for one. Now, however, Bad Boyfriend has a decent job, been at it for 7 mobnths and will be up for management soon. Just a little backstory on his "blog alias" Bad Boyfriend was ultra cool step-sisters boyfriend at one point in time. He was, as the name would indicate, a bad boyfriend. He wasn't mean to her, and treated her fiarly well, but he had major issues with getting off the computer, and with calling-ever. So, after they broke up, he came into work(we were working at the same location at the time) and asked me if I knew why ultra-cool step-sister broke up with him. My response, oh so sensitively was
"Yeah, she dumped your ass 'case you are a Bad Boyfirend"-the name stuck. It is interesting to note that he would now make an excellent boyfriend to someone, good job, decent pay, and loves to go out and have fun. He did a 180 when it comes to what he finds entertaining, but is still the same good old guy inside. It's been interesting to watch him mature over time-I've known him since he was about seventeen or so, and now he is 22. Maybe I'll drop a line to ultra-cool step-sister-just to let her know.
So, after Hubby's next paycheck-I'll be dropping off our application, and within a week after that-we will know if we are in.

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