Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ask Housewife

Recently, a friend with no spouse or children asked what I did with my "Me Time". I almost choked on my swiss cake roll. When you have two kids and a husband, and try your damndest to take care of them, you don't have much "me time". I get to shower, eat, read, and post here while my kids are sleepoing, eating, and playing outside(we live in Minnesota-so that playing outside thing doesn't happen as much as I like). He seemed completely baffled by the thought of not having many hours during the day to fevote to ones self. Yes, I need adult interraction, quite time, personal time and what have you-we all do, but it is hard to come by. When I do get time for myself-I try to make the most of it, I understand that if I don't take good care of myself I will not be good for my family, and I will porbably go off the deep end. I do have me time, it's what we call sleep and shower. I need to have kid time, husband time, chore time, and not killing my in-law time as well. I lead a very busy life.
Another friend asked, if I don't work, what I do with my days. You've got to be kidding me! Just because I don't have a day job does not mean that I sit on my ass and eat candy all day. I have kids. If that statement isn't enough(or if you don't have kids yourself) borrow someones kids for the weekend, when it's icky, so you cannot play outside, and you have other things, like housework and cooking, you need to get done while they are there. Then try and tell me it's not work.
My personal favortite question of late is "You must really relate to/like that show "Desperate Housewives", huh?" Let me preface this next statement by saying, I have never seen the show. It is my understanding that the women on this show lead rather extravegant lives, part of wich involves sleeping with many people who they are not in a committed relationship with, extramarital affairs. If I had a poolboy/cabanaboy/gardener I would not sleep with them I would tell them to get their asses outside andwork, my kids need to get out of the house and play, and cannot do so until their job is complete!Then I would take whatever time I might have in which to have an affair and shower, alone, for a long time. It would be more fulfilling to me too have clean hair, shaved legs, and pleasent smelling skin, than to sleep with some dude who ain't my husband.
Do I think it is degrading to other women to be a housewife? How can my being a housewife degrade other women?!?! It is a choise I was able to make. If they find it degrading-DON"T DO IT!!!
But isn't my husband controlling me? No! I have the control in the relationship, point blank. I balance the budget, plan the meals, raise the kids, do the laundry. If I don't want him to wear something to a particular place or on a particular day, it isn't clean. If I want something in particular for dinner-No Problem! I do the cooking and the shopping. If I really really want to do something and he doesn't want to participate-I do it while he is at work. If I really really need time to myself I can find someone to watch the boys for the day. I have the majority of the power.
well that's enough for now-more to come...

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