Friday, May 27, 2005


On tuesday I will be dropping off our rental application(insert golden light and chiors of heaven here). I then get to start the "Week of Anticipation". this is the time when you are fairly certain you will get accepted, however every bad thing that you have ever done in your life, tht could ever show up on any report, ever, is running thru your head. What is really frustrating is in fabruary, before the wedding, we had applied for a much smaller place across the street from where we are now-after thinking about it-we decided not to take it, but we were aproved then, so why wouldn't we be now?!?! There is really no reason, but it is still mildly nerve wracking. After the "week" if we get it, I will then have just shy of two months in which to try an figure out everything we might need, where it is, get packed, and ready to go. MORE ANTICIPATION!!!

Damnit, give me instant gratification anyday!

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Anonymous said...

Really, don’t sweat the thing. There’s probably some goober in a trailer-office with his feet up on the fiber board desk picking his nose and rubber stamping every application that wasn’t rolled up to do lines with.

If you did a background check on the people who want one from you then you’d really be nervous.

Todd Vodka