Monday, May 09, 2005

seriously, this dude is our elected president?

I want everyone to take a few minutes and check out this site, , It is chock full of Bushisms. When you read this, take into account that he is our PRESIDENT!!! I know fifteen year old stoners with more wits about themselves. At least I can rest secure in the knowledge that we only allow two terms, so he will be out in a few years. Hopefully we will be able to repair any damage he has caused. People, I know it is only May, and only 2005 at that. We still have a long way to go till our next election, three and a half years, but please, please, please, start encouraging others to vote, to educate them selves on politics. Remind them that there are more elections that just the presidential election(serious-I knew someone who only voted the pres. election-they felt it was they "only one that matterred", I slapped them silly.) We need to make the country at least half assed good again, we need to make a better future for our children, MY children. We cannot let idiots like this decide our national policies anymore. For the love of pete! We have an imbicile for President, what I am fairly certain is a robot for vice president, a first lady with a rediculously high approval rating whose husband goes against damn near everything she wants to do....Man alive-HOW DID WE LET THIS HAPPEN!!!! Everybody, everybody, needs to get out there and vote, educate yourselves and others-know what you want, what you don't want-who can bring it to the table for you-ignore the political lables if you must. Just because they ride under the banner of whatever political party you side with doesn't mean they share your veiws. And as hard as it is-vote your concience, not what you think you need to vote to keep the "bad guy" from winning. Even if you vote for someone that doesn't stand much of a chance, you will be helping out candidates in the future. If we all vote, and idiots like Bush still get elected-fine we did what we could and what we fealt was right. But, if you don't vote-you have no right to bitch, if you don't vote, you are just as culpable as the people who voted for him. And I don't want to hear the line of "it's just one vote-it doesn't really count"! A) those just one votes add up, B) the 2000 election was ultimately determined by less than 1000 votes(if you believe that Bush didn't just steal florida outright because his bro is the Gov.) Educate your children, your friends, your barista, your self. Learn what you can. Knowledge is power.

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