Tuesday, May 31, 2005

feeding the baby, while I post this...

When I am able to post with any sort of regularity, it is because me boys are sleeping, out with family, or I am giving the youngest a bottle break and typing one handed...guess which one it is this time! I no longer have the same worry about getting approved at the townhome. A good friend and the bro in law live there. The good friend let me know a few things-A) the rental market i pretty desperate right now, lots of people are buying or renting large private dwellings in groups. This makes tge management companies a little lax, B) because of this, they are pretty acccapting of most people right now. C) If our check comes back with some hits on it, no problem, they will put us in a "six month trial lease" to start out, if everything is paid ontime, and there are no issues, no problem...otherwise, after six months you are out of there. Add to that what the inimmatable Todd Vodka stated as a comment to the last post-and I have no real worries. This does not mean that I am sitting pretty, I still have a few butterflies, Murphy's Law, and all, but I will not let it get to me, Worry doesn't do anybody any good.

On a completely different note-I am thinking that I may have to start titleing posts after I right them. I figure thet if I title a post "Monkeys", you my readers will expect it to have something to do with primates at some point. Alas, it does not always work that way. My writing tends to go in it's own diredtion, sometimes I have very little control over what my fingers want to say. I think Dave Barry sums this phenomena up best in the intro to his book "Big Trouble", he warns that his younger readers might not want to read it because some of his characters use foul language, he did not mean for them too, but that is just the way they are. It may surprise some people to know that once you start writing, said writing takes on a life of its own. I have stated in past posts that I am debating writing a book. It is no longer debating, I am trying to do it, still debating if I will try to get it published whenever I am done, though. It is not going quite as smoothely as I anticipated. Once the characters and story started coming out of my head, they started argueing about what I was saying about them. None of the characters are based on any one person, they are all conglomerations, so I think maybe the different parts are fighting for dominance. if one character has bits of my mom, mother-in-law and sister(just to pull some people out of thin air) My mom wants to be dominant over my in-law, my sister has her quircks that demand page time, and my mother in law tries very hard o portray the best in her at all times. man-it's enough to make someone gocrazy! No wonder so many people think writers are a bit off.

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