Thursday, May 12, 2005

My brave,brave mom

My mom is a brave woman. She raised my sister and myaelf essentially on her own. She had some small financial help from my father, and assistance from my aunt and grandma-but basically it was all on her. She went back to school after I was born, to give us all a better life-then when I was in my early teens, went back to school again, Now she is her own business. She married my step-dad(Jazzdad) after a very brief courtship, the will be celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary next week. She stood by me when I made the wrong choice to marry my ex, supported me when I left him and moved back home-helped me when hubby and I hard our sons and celbrated with me when I married him. She has helped my sister thru depression, helped me thru god knows what all, and been thru more in her 49 years that most people will experience in three lifetimes. She has dealt with abuse, poverty, death of parent, dysfunction in the axtremes, and suburbia(shudder).
Now, though, she does something that boggles the mind. Tonight, she will be taking her almost 4 yea old grandson, my boy Bigguy, to the State Theatre, to see (drumroll please) Dora The Explorer, Live!!! She will be in a theatre with hordes of young children and their harried parents just to please my son. When I told them what they would be doing today-his face was full of angelic bliss. She is undoubtedly the bravest grammie on the block. I love my mom, Bigguy loves his grammie, and he will remember tonight for years to come.

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