Friday, December 16, 2005

Yet another installment of "Ask Housewife"

Recently some asked me "Housewife2000, How on earth do you do all your Christmas shopping while pregnant, and having two kids?"
Well, valued readers, I'll share my secrets. If at all possible, I avoid it. I will write detailed lists of what I need, and send others to do my bidding...namely Hubby. Failing that, I go on weekdays around midmorning...after work starts, but before lunchtime-around 10ish, if I can get someone to watch the boys, or I go in the middle of the night. Barring all of those options, I do what anyone else does. Shops at the last minute, while vowing not to do it again, knowing I will next year and it'll be even worse, and going home to pass out before wrapping everything and taking massive amounts of ibuprofin to get the headache brought on by thousands of screaming children to abate.

"Hey, HW2K!! How do you deal with your tree with the kids and all?"
Well, to be honest, this will be my first year with kids and a tree to worry about. Here's what we're gonna do- As much as it hurts-I will be using a fake tree-yes a FAKE TREE, needles can be poisenous, painfuk and all around dangerous to the crawling and just starting to walk set, with #3 on the way, I am gaurenteed a crawler next year as well, so we bought a tree in a box. Second-NO BREAKABLE OR HEIRLOOM ORNAMENTS-you would think this is commen sense, but many a person has made the mistake of overestimating their childs good behaviour in the past, and lost something irreplaceable. Third- pretty much all the lights, garland and ornaments will be on the upper two thirds of the tree. For pictures the presents will be possitioned in such a way as to where it isn't noticable-that or I won't give a damn-I got kids-remember!?

"Housewife,"some one else asked, "How do you keep your kids out of the presents before it's time to open them?"
Your kidding, right? I have problems keeping myself out of the gifts. You just keep an eye on 'em. just like everything else.

Well, that's about all for now-time to go and clean for the rearrangeing so that we have a home for the tree-hopefully minimal rearrangeing only

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Mom the Hipple said...

I used to keep you kids from messing with your presents by simply hiding them and not placing them under the tree until the night before x-mas. Also, it helped to keep the whole Santa myth thing (he brings all the presents on x-mas eve) believable.