Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas and nudity

Bigguy is a natural nudist. Maybe it's from being born during a very hot summer, naybe it's because I never forced him to stay dressed, either way, he likes to be naked. Now that he is older we have him to a point where he keeps his underwear on almost all of the time, and generally, if we are not leaving the house, I can talk him into a pair of pants-generally through threatening his computer time, but he is in pants nonetheless. Just now I finished a conversation with him that I will be having everyday until after christmas. It is the talk wherein I remind him that even though Christmas is going to be at our house this year, he still has to get dressed. Yes, pajammies (I love how he says that!) count as clothing, and yes, he has to keep dressed the ENTIRE time that we have company. Company is anyone that does not live in our house. Yes, everyone will know that he is wearing underwear even if they do not see it. No, he does not have to announce when he poops, and yes, he does have to close the bathroom door. Yes, he even has to be dressed when he is eating, and no, I am not worried about him spilling on his clothing and staining it-we can wash it. Yes, everyone else will be wearing cl;othes, even his little brother...well, no, the new baby won't be wearing clothes, 'cause he won't be born yet, but momma will be wearing clothes. Yes, I am sure that Poppa Jazzdad will be very proud that you are wearing clean underwear, and that you don't have to show him, and Auntie Sistah-girl and Uncle Rice will both be here, and yes, they will see that you are wearing clothes.
Imagine that, multipl times, daiy, for the next five days.

Merry Christmas!


Mom the Hipple said...

Serves you right, you would never wear clothes when you were little. If it was winter, the only consession you would make to the cold was to put a coat on over your swimsuit.

Hw2K said...