Monday, December 05, 2005

living life in black and white, also, sundogs

Driving Hubby to work, I cross over The River--people in MN know whereof I speak-more over, I can state I cross The River on 494, and they know exactly the bridge I am on-bwahahaha--There was a very dense fog this morning, coupled with a pre-awakening dusting of snow-and the salt and sludge being thrown onto my windshield faster than I can slear it off-and the world had an oddly black and white feel to it. I am looking around as much as driving allows, gasped, and almost pulled off the road for a few moments, just to look. Then, I saw a literally breathtaking view(breathtaking events, btw, are not as pleasent as they could be if you are opperating a minivan at 65 mph) There was a beautiful pair of sundogs, in full clolor, standing out against the fog in such a way you could see the top of the circle. I have never seen anything so powerful while driving hubby to work before. It's as if Mother Nature was saying "It's okay, child, everyone makes mistakes, and everyone does right, and it all works out beautifully anyhow" For some reason, Mother Nature always sounds like The Oracle, from The Matrix, in my mind, and I find it soothing.

Do sondogs come in pairs, or is the dual sundog counted as one-you always get two, and they form a circle-any of you science types can fill me in?

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Kylark said...

I too got to see some cool atmospheric effects recently! On Saturday there were "light pillars" formed by the city lights shining on the crystals of ice suspended in the air. Chuck has a mention of it on his blogs.

It looked like a curtain of spears of light. It was so beautiful. The photos don't quite do it justice, but how could they? The spears were all along the sky, like a curtain of light.