Wednesday, December 14, 2005

snotty noses

Littleman had to be brought to the doctors today. His normal doctor was out of the office, her own child is ill, so we saw one of the other pediatricians. His first response was "WOW, 27 pounds at fourteen months! He's a big'un!" Dr V-something-eastern-european-that-I-can-neither-pronounce-remember-nor-spell then let me know that it is a sinus infection. Rather a Sinus Infection, capitol letters. Apparently it is possible to have both a viral and a bacterial infection at the exact same time. Giving a 'scrip for the bacterial won't do any real good until the viral is gone, and by the time the virus is gone, the bacterial will have largely run it's course. What Dr V did impart to me was the knowledge of what over the counters to give Littleman, and in what dosages, to clear everything up. All said and done, even with the box of Kleenex, I spent less that I would've on a prescription, and get the benifits of med induced drowsiness to boot. YAY!!!

Bigguy, btw, is just fine, a little feverish, but nothing to worry about and no more snotty-nose.

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