Friday, December 09, 2005

of birthdays and food

It's my birthday! I'm gonna clean and cook and take a bath, WOOHOO!!!!
Seriously, though, I don't have any big plans for the night, but will be going out with my mom on sunday. It'll be just us two, as adults, with Jazzdad watching the boys. Sistah-girl asked me when the last time Mom and I did anything, just the two of us, no kids, and my innitial response was, "Bigguy's what, 4 years olds now?" But, that's not quite true-we used to go to our weightwatchers meetings together, and that was relatively kid free-but rarely did we actually go out and do anything. I am looking forward to that. Tomorrow, Auntie is gonna swing buy, bring me my card, and maybe we'll go shopping, once again, no boys. I saw her, child free, on wednesday, but that was to take her to the hopsital and then to get her truck, so I don't think that counts. Auntie's man was upset when he found out she hadn't gotten me my card yet, and demanded that she see me tomorrow-he's the one who was in the hospital, so he want's to make sure I have a good birthday since I helped out him and auntie. Tonight, I will probably just make dinner for me and Hubby and the boys. The only way we can go out is if Bear and Mrs Bear pay me the full amount they owe me, and that'll pro'lly not happen. Since I will more than likely be cooking, I asked Bigguy what he wanted for dinner, to get some ideas. his response is as follows
"Meatloaf, with ketchup...yep, you should by the stuff for meatloaf...been a long time since we had meat loaf...OH!! Or maybe...a GIGANTIC PIZZAAAA!!!!! yep, pizza or a ginormous should go to the Gigantic Pizza and Humongus Meatloaf Store" and by me dinner there, momma. Momma...why are you laughing so hard?"

So, if you call me, and I'm not home, I am at the really big foodstuff store, I guess.

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