Sunday, December 04, 2005

playing my memories over the airwaves for everyone to hear

Scientists believe that out of all the senses, smell is the sence most closely linked to memory. I will argue this with them any day of the week. For me, it's hearing. Yes, smelss can bring back fond feelings, good and bad memeries, and brief glimpses of the past, but a sound, a song, a phrase brings back entire relationships, whole months and days, and sometimes an ecstatic joy or profound grief and sadness.

When I drive, I listen to the radio, and will constantly flip through the stations untill I here what I want. The kicker is, I often times don't know what I want to listen to until I hear it. Today, while driving, a song came on that reminded of an old boyfriend. He was a friend, dirst and formost, and somehow a romantic relationship came out of that, and in my youthful stupidity, or ignorance, I threw that relationship away for, well, something and someone stupid. My point, though, is that this one song by a group that we both like, brought back memories of the happiness and silliness we had, his intesity, our inside jokes, our moments alone, the pain that I caused and the sadness and anger I had towards myself afterwards. A three minute song made me relive about a year of my life.

Sometimes, music will just make me feel. Sometimes, it makes me laugh, occasionally, a song can make me cry. Movie, book and tv quotes bring back soo much, but songs, playing for everyone to hear, bring back my past, in all it's splendor and squalor, for everyone to hear.

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