Saturday, December 24, 2005

'Twas a few nights before christmas....

'Twas a few night before christmas, whne all thruogh the house, elephants could have been marching...I ended up going to bed before ten pm last night, something unheard of for me. With the boys gone untill later today, and the shopping, and cleaning, and Hubby's abnormal snoring, I haven't been sleeping well, add to that being in the third trimester of pregnancy with a very, very, active fetus, and I was wiped. On the plus side-I finished all of our christmas shopping and wrapping last night, and seperated out the gifts that need to come with today. I only have a few minor areas to clean and vaccum, then thats done-well-that and the boysroom, but hey-if it gets done a little late-no sweat, right? I have to hit the grocery store, but Cub is open till four and I am leaving in half an hour, there cannot be too many people shopping at 9 am, Can there?

I will not be posting anything else till after christmas day has passed, and I have the boys calmed down a little more. I will be BabyBear free both Monday and tuesday, so will have plenty of time to assemble, find batteries, and what not.

Also, it appears that the mail runs today, but not on monday...Hmmmm

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