Wednesday, December 28, 2005

we survived!!!

Christmas is over, and we survived! All in all I don't think it went too bad, being my first year hosting. Nobody severed a limb, or set themselves on fire, and even though I burnt two fingers making breakfast, they aren't too badly burnt. I have many ideas of things I will change for next year. First and formost, I will have more seating, and I will have a more open design to my furniture, enableing people to sit more comfortably. I will make sure there is ample room at the table, and probably purchase a card table, just to be sure-aside from that-the morning portion is pretty smooth. The evening, however, will be much, much different. I will plan the meal carefully ahead of time, and it will probably end up being a meat/cheese/veggie spread unless someone other than Auntie is willing to come over and help me cook-I had offers of help, just not enough prep on my part to be able to accept said offers. Two-I will have a set time that food will be ready at, and iffen you are not here at that time, tough nookies, you get what you get.Third, and joint with the last, I will not ask anybody to bring anything unless I am fairly certain they will be here when they say they will, not two and a half hours later.
Some people might be asking themselves why I want to host again next year, with my mini-list of bitching and moaning above-Quite simply, even with all the cleaning, cooking, rearrangeing and prep-work-it will be easier than carting three kids around all day long. Kids who will get easily over stimulated and cranky, and if we are at home, can remove themselves to their room. Also, I have no desire to load the van up with what will equal 1 infant seat, 1 car seat, 1 booster seat, two parents, and presents, even more presents going home. Nope-just gonna stay home and make everyone come to me.

The boys did good. The slept most of the day on monday, and were not really themselves again until tuesday evening. Theor festivities lasted longer, and they tire more quickly. Hubby managed not to be too terribly Scroogey, and even left the computer room to eat, open presents, and some minor socialization. I think I did fairly well, but everything hit me up alongside the back of the head on tuesday morning. I woke up just long enough to figure out I felt like crap, and went back to bed. Hubby did a magnificant job of taking care of everything around the house, and not panicking too badly. Until the Dr puts a firmer percentage on my chances of popping premature, Hubby is easily panicked by any aches, pains, or tiredness he deems unnusual. Also, I am now having some truely awesome heartburn and acid reflux issues, and get to go pick up some meds for that tonight so that I can hopefully sleep in a semi reclined possition again.

For the record-the house was very clean for the holiday, I had handtowels in the bathroom, plenty of clean dishes, and it is once again clean. There are some toys about, but the get put away at night. It is not as clean as it was christmas morning, but it is still very clean-YAY US. Also YAY for the guys who pitched in a lot to clean the main floor, and ultra YAY yo Bro-in-law, who single handedly saved christmas breakfast by going on a bisuit hunt for me!


Kylark said...

Christmas was wonderful; you did a very good job. I think it would be great to spend it at your place again next year.

Mom the Hipple said...

i love bisuits! unisex clothing is way cool!