Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bigguy, in all his diabolical glory

I amsitting at the computer, fretting over what is going to end up being a large checking oversight in the banks favor, when Bigguy comes into the room.
"Momma, I am thirsty"
The rule, that he knows all to well, is that he can have ONE cup of cocoa, or warm milk with honey, or chamomile tea, at bedtime. He hadn't yet had it, so I make him some caffiene free cocoa.
Cut to half an hour later, and me deciding that the error won't kill us, we will be in the hole till friday, at the max, I do not now when the check will go through, or even if it was deposited yet, andI have my banks assurance that they will homor it-because they make four more dollors by charging me an overdraft instead of an NSF-greedy bastards. But friday, I will be getting paid by Bear, which will cover everything, and by one of the basement dwelling roommates, which will cover groceries, and my going out for my birthday. Getting ready to go to bed when in comes Bigguy, again.
"Momma, I am still thirsty," setting cup on edge of my desk, and while walking out the door, "Oh, and I am hungry!"
It's the hungry part that he knows gets me, everytime. I promised myself a long, long, time ago that my children would never have to go to sleep hungry while they lived under my roof and were under age 18 or in school. Bigguy is really skinny. The combination of those two things gets him a bedtime sandwich, or popcorn, or cookie almost every time. I have finally wised up to his ruse, claver though it is, and started enforcing dinner time eating a little heavier, as he will eat just enough a dinner, so he can be hungry at bedtime. I have learned that letting him go to bed when it is his own fault he is hungry, then feeding him in the morning seems to be working.
In my defense, if we ate dinner at 5, I would give him a snack before now, nooo problem, but dinner ended up being at about eight tonight, so he get nothing!!!
time for me to go to bed now

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