Tuesday, December 13, 2005

really, I have nothing at all of interest to say right now. I cannot even convince myself of it's preintabilaty. I just wanted to put something down in bloggy form right now to give me a very temporary respite from the land of whiny, crying, snotty-nosed children with colds. by the way. my usage of the term "snotty-nosed" is to be taken litterally, not figuratively- I have a house full of children, under the age of five, only on of whome speaks clearly, and that's on a good day, with snotty noses, weepy eyes, and sneezes. Yay for me!


Kylark said...

Whether or not you have anything interesting to say, you did manage to coin an entirely new word. I have yet to figure out what "preintabilaty" means.


Hw2K said...

umm...man, my spelling sucks. I was referring to it's ableness of being printed, and woefully mispelled it.