Thursday, January 25, 2007


I have now entered the month of "waiting". This is a little known month that falls from midway through January, to midway of February. Waiting for the w-2's to file tax returns, waiting for my anniversary, conveniently placed the day before valentines day, so we also celebrate a little early or a little late, but never forget, waiting for the cold that I always seem to have this time of year to go away. This year, I have added a nifty game of Catch to Waiting. This entails me almost losing the cold, and then Thor catching it, when it's about out of his system, it magically re-appears with me. Hermes and Buddha and Hubby all seem to be exempt from this game-not to say they don't have/haven't had colds recently, but they are different. Thor seems to realize that the cold is something special to just him and me, and seems pleased to share something so important with Momma.

Tonight Hubby and I have a meeting with Thor's team, to go over all the gleaned info again, and sign the paperwork for Toddler Group and HomeVisit. I am hoping that these help Thor, but I am also hoping that it will give an outside party a chance to see how splendid he is. I also worry, though, that they will see his improvements in some areas are marked by slides in others, and that it isn't just in my head. None of his backslides are really devopmentally related, but more along the lines of stimming and other activites normally seen with autism. Thor is a very interesting case study, being how everything presents, his age, and that to most knowledge, there isn't a history of anyhting like this in the families. Of course, half of Hubby's family is mystery.

Hermes has started doing simple math at school, something he is quite pleased with. Even though he already knows how to do most, if not all, of what they are working on, it is Math, and he knows you need math to be a train engineer, and astronaut, and about seven other things he wants to be when he grows up. He is finally starting to try and milk "But I don't feel good!" to stay home from school, but I have found the way to cure that. I know which days are Art days, Gym days, so on and so forth, if I can tell him one definitave thing he will be doing, he always feels better. That kid loves learning. i will have to speak with his teacher come the next conferences, if not earlier, to let her know that at much as he likes school, he is starting to get a little bored, and he needs to be challenged--hopefully this will take care of itself, however, as they will be doing math placement tests soon, and he will be getting harder work.

Buddha is so excited in his newfound ability to stand and take one to three steps before falling down, that he has quit napping! Yay!!! Otherwise, he is perfectly healthy.

Oh, and am I the only parent who has had to tell their child that we don't put chapstick on with our feet when it's bedtime?

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