Wednesday, January 10, 2007

it's working

We have a morning routine, it's somewhat convoluted, somewhat malleable depending on the circumstances, but it's something all the boys know. If Sistah-girl is home, Hubby and myself wake up about fifteen minutes later than if she were gone, I through on something resembling clothes, Hubby gets dressed for work, we bundle up Buddha, I bring Hubby to work, come home, give Buddha a bottle, put him in the baby box, crash for half an hour on the couch, wake up Thor and Hermes, get Hermes dressed for school, get Thor into whatever he will let me, shuttle Hermes off to the palace of knowledge, and come home. If Sistah-girl is gone, which will also be our routine after she moves out-Hubby and I wake up 15 minutes early, toss a bottle in Buddha, get our respective selves dressed, pray that Hermes and Thor are still in their jammies, if not put them in some, bundle all into the car, bring Hubby to work, go home, trek into the house, Buddha in bok,Hermes on short couch, Thor on big couch with me, crash for half an hour, get Hermes dresses and to Palace of learning, and get home. This part of the morning, though long, is sound. The system has worked since Hermes started school. Where the issue used to arise was once we got home after dropping off Hermes. Normally, Buddha will resist sleep for a few, then crash out for a long morning nap. Thor, on the other hand, needed to figure out how to let me know if he was hungry, tired, wanted to play, wanted to play but really wanted to sleep more, etc... This morning, when we got home, I asked him, with my hero-speach accompanied by ASL- if he was hungry, or wanted to play, or wanted to sleep. He looked at me and signed sleep. I asked again, this time making sure he knew how to do the sign for hungry, and he insisted sleep. Up to his room we went, where he promptly got into bed, grabbed George The Monkey from Mexico, covered up with Nemo, and signed Thank You.

I am ecstatically pleased that my two year old can actually tell me some of his wants and needs now. Normally, at this time of the morning, I would be wildly guessing at what he wanted-was he not eating because he was tired, wanted to play, didn't want the cerial or fruit I gave him...What!!!! Now, he is starting to let me know, and it is grand!

Buddha is starting to wave now, which is sooo precious. I forgot in between Hermes and now how sweet it was to have a child do 'normal' child things. He is also starting to make the 'kissy face' which Thor is thouroughly entertained by, and they will sit for about half an hour makeing smoochy lips at each other, playing like two little kids without a care in the world.

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