Tuesday, January 16, 2007

dreaded evaluation

On thursday, we have another eval for Thor, it was supposed to be last thurs, but with Hermes being home with the mega-cold we had to reschedule. This will be on of the rare out of the house appointments. They want to observe him outside of his 'normal environment'. Sometimes I feel like he is a forign animal. Behold, Thor, in all his splendor, climbing the furniture and stalking the all allusive peanut butter cracker! Not the shunnung of bread...but wait..He'll eat the bread if it has sloppy joe on it? Behold, The Thor, in all it's glory!
Sometimes, I thik they are doing all of these 'pre-treatment' evals, not to study him, but to study me. I get the mental image of the therapy team sitting around at a coffeeshop or bar going, "Yeah...Did you see HW2K trying to come up with a way to describe his speech patterns? How great was that! Or what about when he started talking to the toy, but ignored her completely? And remember how hopeful she seemed when we all pretended to understand him? What a hoot!!!"
I know this isn't what really goes on, but sometimes it feels that way. He is signing more, and talking to other people and things moer, but talking to me less. He gets angry when I feed him the wrong foods, but will not tell me what the right foods are, then when Hubby gets home, will show him immediately what he wanted. A good day for us is one with at least ive clearly communicated concepts. Five times of not guessing, asking, trial and error, five definatives...more, hungry, sleep, all done, monkey. If I get at least these five things, back and forth, it's fine.

Hermes starting to get bored at school. Sistah-girl was instrumental this morning on getting him ready, as for me I would just get the "I'm sick, I'm staying home!". In the car this morning we talked about the testing that is coming up. They are finally getting around to the math placement, and chinese language assesments they were going to be doing pre christmas. Hermes is happy to know that they really truely want to see how smart he is, that they really truely will let him do more math if he does math at a higher level than the other kindergateners, that htey will be very pleased with how much of the language he has learned and they truely want to know. Hermes is starting to realize he's smarter than many, and it's starting to affect his moods towards school a bit.

Buddha is starting to stand on his own, and take one or two daring unassisted steps. I must finish cleaning, I need the space for him.

I would do about anything for ten guilt free minutes alone sometimes, but I wouldn't trade any of this for the world.

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