Friday, January 05, 2007

Scorn for sandwiches

I have been trying to get Thor to eat meat between two slices of bread-aka a sandwich- for the last few weeks. Hasn't been happening. He used to have no problems with sandwiches, he would only eat the crust or the center bread, but he would eat them. I made him a sandwich for lunch today, and he wouldn't eat it, he pulled out the meat and cheese and ate that. I was eatin a sandwich and after he was done with his, he came over looking for a bite of mine. He took a alrge chunk, made a face, opened his mouth, removed the two, now soggy peices of bread, and deposited them squarely in the middle of my lap. He then joyfully chewed the meat and cheese, and toddled off on his merry way. Apparently, he now has a thing against bread if it has anything on it. I took some meat and folded in a dry peice of brea and he ate it, I put a little mayo on it, right out, a little butter, spit on the floor, a little mustard-spat across the room. I don't know why he now won't eat bread that is anything but dry, but then again, I don't really know why he does anything.
Since he doesn't yet become violent, angry, or inconsolable when given a spread on bread I'll keep trying. He won't do jelly, jam, or preserves anymore either. Peanut butter has a pass for now, so as long as I don't give PB to him on a spoon or celery, that should be fine.

On thursday, we meet with the SHIELD team again, to go over more stuff as we figure out what might help him, I will bring up his new aversion to moist bread, as well as his newfound attachment to his blanket. He has always had a thing for bedding, but now he will walk around the house half-hiding under the Nemo blanket. He also is starting to through himself around more when we hold him. If he crawls into our laps, it's fine, but if we pick him up unprompted, he almost gets violent, his attempt to free himself is so aggressive. I keep trying to tell myself that he will get better, and in some ways he is, but in other ways, it's deffinately getting worse.

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