Friday, January 12, 2007


It's damn cold out this morning. The wind came down from the north, making everything all frosty and needing to be warmed up. Since Sistah-girl is home, we left the older two boys, like we almost always do when she is here, but Hubby and I also left Buddha. Buddha woke up at about four thirty to have a bottle and a daiper change, so, after much debate, and after I went out to start the car warming up, we decided to leave Buddha at home, where hopefully he would stay sleeping, and not wake up screaming, this panicking everyone. I came home to absolute silence. It is close enought to the time that the boys are up on weekdays to where their bodies are naturally starting to slowly wake. Sleeping still, they are not as deep in as they were an hour ago, so if I stand by them, all I hear is the gentle intake and output of breath-no snoring, no fits and stops of dreams, no turning in the bed like a demon is after them, just quiet, peaceful sleep.

Hubby is on winter hours for at least another month and a half. Up till this point, his mondays off have either fallen on a government holiday, or on a day when I've been sick. After this monday, they'll just be another day, a day in which he can go out and get his permit, from which he will eventually get his liscence.

The silence is nnow broken-Buddha is awake and presumably unhappy at the prospect.
The quiet was nice while it lasted.

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mcewen said...

I long for the phase of teenagers 'lying in'. Cheers