Thursday, January 11, 2007

Even if there were no computer or television

Thor was supposed to have another eval today. I am rescheduling it.
Hermes woke up this morning rather warm, but I didn't think much of it at first; he is generally pretty warm first thing-he and his brothers and their poppa are all little blast furnaces when asleep. Then he told me his tummy hurt, and I was still kind of leary. After I had him come downstaris, drink some cold water, and he was still warm and achy, I still thought that maybe...just maaaaaybe, he was fine. However, when Hermes informed me that he fealt so icky that he wanted to stay home even if " we didn't have any computer or internets or television or cables or anything fun like that" I knew he was staying home. Hermes loves school, and often times will fib about feeling better than he does just to go, but after realizing that if he threw up at school he had to miss the rest of the day and the ENTIRE next day, he isbetter about telling me when he is ill. I don't yet have the same mommy radar for him being sick as I do the two other boys. With the exception of the occasional cold that would not die-Hermes has always been pretty healthy. About once a year he will come down with something that looks "Just like (insert common ailment here)", but after the Drs do a culture,take some blood, poke and prod him, etc...he is always just LOOKS like something bad. Since he's started school we have had more vomit, fevers, diarreah, colds, chills, and general aches and pains than ever before in his five years of life. Part of it is being exposed to other kids daily, especially in such a small school. The school tries to notify us of flu, strep, what have you, but when a parent just calls in junior 'sick' it makes it harder. I always give them a fairly graphic rundown of Hermes' symptoms, so if any other kid presents the same, we can alert people.
Well, it's gonna be an interesting day today, and hopefully he will be better tomorrow.

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