Wednesday, January 03, 2007

flat bread

I've been baking. First I made cinamon rolls, which well tasty, were not rolled tight enough, so the bottoms had scorched cin-sugar on them-though tasy, not appealing to the eye. Today I made two loaves of bread, bread that rose well outside of the oven, but didn't rise in the oven, they expanded to fill the pan. They are dense, but should be tasty. I am making a second batch of rolls right now. They are turning out beautifully. I used a french pin to roll the dough, and rolled them back up nice and tight. They are currently on their second rise before the oven, but should come out perfect. Most of them are going to work with Hubby, like the last ones did. I am getting quite the rep as a good baker!

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mcewen said...

Just the smell of bread 'on the make' in the house, warms the soul. Luckily no matter how bad my own attempts are from time to time, if you eat it whilst it's still hot it's still scrummy!