Monday, February 27, 2006


Myself, Hubby, and some of our closer friends joke about Baby#3 being very Zen, chill and over all relaxed. Since we cannot pin point why his resting heart-rate is so low, and why he can go from being very active to very, well, calm, in a short time frame, we just convinve ourselves that he is at peace with the world around him, and relaxed.
Honestly, I am scared half to death that something is very wrong, but each day that passes makes me a little more calm, a little less worried. Each day that passes will make him that much less premature, and if we can just hold out for three more weeks, just twenty-one days we will be all good.
I have a feeling that no matter what this one looks like, how big or small he is, or even how much he fusses, that there is a very good chance that he will end up having Buddha for a nickname, being he is so zen and chill now.

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