Wednesday, February 01, 2006

feeling pregnant, purple-monkey

Last night was not a great night. I was having some painful Braxton-Hicks contraction, Littleman didn't want to sleep because he's teething a molar, and Bigguyy didn't want to sleep because, well...all we can figure is he's afraid he's gonna miss something. I fell asleep fairly easily once I lay down, but I was unable to stay asleep, and since I am on a new and comfy bed, it was something on my end waking me up. It looks and feels like Baby#3 has moved himself down a little in utero, and that is probably why everything is less than copacetic right now.
in other news-Bigguy will be registered for Kindergarten in a month, and having a session of preschool over the summer. I no longer question whether or not Bigguy is ready for school, I do, however, question school's readiness for Bigguy.
Apparently, I am a purple-monkey head, because I will not let Bigguy have marichino cherries for breakfast. Man I love the insults of childhood!
Littleman has been very frustrated as of late because he is figuring out the whole walking and talking thing that has been eluding him, but he is getting it all at once, and therefor still unable to succesfully do either.
Theres an update for now,
purple-monkey head signing off

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Mom the Hipple said...

At least you are not "Shitzel" as a small fan of your sister's once called her (missing front teeth make it hard to pronounce words).