Friday, February 10, 2006

daiper debates, and spoken word frustrastion

It is now time to open the debate, once again, on cloth vs. disposable whne it concerns daipers. Bigguy wore disposables, Littleman also wears disposables. We thought about cloth with Littleman, but due to the fact that we were living with the in-laws, the issues that bogarting the washer could've caused, and the price of a daiper service-disposables won out. There are definate advanteges to being able to toss an icky daiper, and some drawbacks as well. One of the big draw backs is the dreaded Daiper Rash. Littleman has a very sensitive bumm, is prone to nasty rashes, and apparently, partly due to the sensitivity, partly due to the exczema, and partly due to who knows what, is prone to baby bum yeast infections. Now, for those of you going EEEWWWWW, its just another type of rash, easily treatable, not like a "womanly" yeast infection at all. Bigguy got some nasty rashes, but not nearly to the extant that Littleman has. Allegedly, cloth daipers help prevent daiper rash, yeast infections and the like.
Financially-cloth is a larger initial output, but over the long run, it's cheaper. especially while we are in the townhomes and don't pay for water, but if it is soiled while we are out and about-well, tough cookies. Maybe we will settle on a combination of the two?? I don't know.

I would really appreciate any input others would be able to give on this subject-however-if your arguement is going to boil down to nothing other than the environmental ramifications, I've already heard it.

Now, the "spoken word frustration" portion of this entry. I have been having alot of dificulties with the spoken word the last few days, lots of stuttering, spoonerisms, and "verbal dyslexia". I don't know what is causing it, just that it's really annoying. I've been chalking it up to the pregnancy, Hubby suggested brain tumor, and another friend suggested that I was just going dumb, along with being really irrational-so if anyone wants to chime in with possible causes or helpful hints-that too would be appreciated.

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ain't changing diapers no mo. said...

I used cloth diapers almost exclusively with you two but when I went out I always used disposables. Diaper rash was rarely a problem except when you were teething. Since cloth diapers are much more advanced now (prefolded, attached breathable rubber pants, etc) I would highly recommend them. Maybe you can put them on a "wish list" and people can buy you some. If you don't mind washing every day you can get by with about 2 dozen to start.