Wednesday, February 08, 2006

tired and cranky

I slept rather poorly last night, but still better than the night before. I have entered the "Discomfort Zone".
Yes, folks, enter the "Discomfort Zone" and marvel at how the only comfortable possitions to lie down in are the two possitions that cause severe leg cramping, or make you need to pee!
"Discomfort Zone" Stand in awe when you realize that in the next six to nine weeks, the baby inside of you will DOUBLE it's current weight and add up to six more inches! You thought the movements were painfull now?
"Discomfort Zone" Thrilled with the knowledge that your back is finally starting to correct itself, mourn the loss of properly functioning hips! Who needs to stand, walk, and sit comfortably, or at all?
"Discomfort Zone" Remember folks, that even though they can be painful, Braxton Hicks contractions don't do anything productive, they are just annoying.
Yes, you too can visit the discomfort zone, just get pregnant, and wait thirty or so weeks!

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