Wednesday, February 22, 2006

just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....Duh duhn Duhduhn

So I woke up this morning, went to the doctors for my non stress test, and ten minutes after being strapped in, find out that Dr B was called away on an emergency. His nurse, C (I kid you not, I went from Dr A to Dr B and Dr B's nurse has the first initial C, his other nurse is R, btw), is a very senior, very experienced, very sweet woman. She finished out the test, hmmed and hawed, looked at my other information, hmmed and hawed some more, and let me know that Dr B was probably going to want to see me back in the, waiting until ass early friday morning might just not be good enough. I drive home, fill Hubby in on the news and try not to panic.

See, here's the deal, with apologies to Mom for not calling her to fill her in, but I don't have her work number, and I didn't want to make her worry without reason. Yesterday, my Braxton-Hicks contractions (damn them!!!!) started to intensify, and Baby#3 started to move AGAINST them, which is very uncomfortable. Imagine shrinkwrapping a dry sponge, poking a small hole in the wrap, and then dunking it in water. The resulting sponge fighting to expand against something unwilling to give scenario is what it felt like was being played out inside my uterus. None to happy.
This morning, they weigh me, and all said and done, that was relatively harmless. Then they took my blood pressure, a task which is normally rather pleasent, especially when you get to watch the nurses try to figure out if you can actually be alive with a blood pressure that low.
"Hmm" said C...she said the same thing last friday, then noticed she needed a alrger cuff, and it was then followed by "Huh, you got low pressure, don'tya!" So naturally I was expecting the same thing today. instead, I got
"Hmm, this is looking high, and I double checked it."
I filled her in on the cramping and contracting, but assured her that I thought it was nothing to worry about, or I would have called last night. Pro'lly just the old B-H again. Well, after looking at the read-out of the FNST, it turns out that I am having "real" contractions.

Dr B got back to the office, and C gave me a call a little bit ago. Since he has to see me Friday AM, unless there is any number of a long list of changes, we will not worry. I am to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and eliminate as much stress and worry as I can. But! But, if any single thing on the long list of things to watch for should happen or change-I must call immediately to get in A.S.A.P to be seen...but don't worry...and try to rest...

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