Wednesday, February 15, 2006

posting may become sporadic

I do not know how regularly or often I will be posting for the up and coming future. I am going to have to go in twice a week to have a fetal non-stress-test done until one of two things happen-they figure out why Baby#3's resting heart rate is so low, while the rest of the time(like when he is almost constantly moving) it is where it should be, or until the doctors or mother nature decide it's time for #3 to be born. I have been instructed to eliminate unneccesary stress and worry from my life until this happens, and so the blog is not my top priority, but if I have the time, or the need, I'll give an update, and whatever else comes to mind.

Oh, and speaking of what comes to mind...

If anyone is in the mood to spend lots of money on cloth daipering products for me, here are links to two different, complete packages that I wouldn't mind having- a cheaper, but more labor intensive one and a more expensive, but less labor intensive one. Theoretically, either package would get me from birth to potty training, but we all know in reality, I will need to purchase more of either at some point or another, for any number of reasons. Just thought I'd put the info out there if anyone wants to help out. If you didn't want to buy an entire package, I would be happy with any parts thereof.

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