Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"nesting" instincts

The housewife, in the wild, will experience what is referred to as the "nesting instinct" towards the end of her pregnancy. This instinct is rather productive in nature, as it compells the HW2K to have everything clean and ready for the baby. Bags need to be packed for the hospital, bassinet bedding needs to be cleaned, the layette needs to be found or purchased, basic necessities for post-partum life need to be readily available, and most importantly to the wild housewife, everything needs to be SPOTLESS. Cleaning becomes an obsession, however, in the early stages of "nesting" it is an on-again-off-again obsession. One that only really hits at inopportune times, like the desire to clean her sons room, when her sons are asleep, and will undoubtedly be awoken by the clanging. Or the urge to do all the laundry in the house, when the basement dwelling roommates are asleep, or the urge to do anything, when, quite frankly, she should be asleep.
Woe for the Hubby of the housewife, for he is certain that she is going crazy, and there is nothing he can do but tell her to go back to sleep, it is not wise to bake oatmeal cookies, mop the kitchen, and make a quilt at four thirty in the morning.

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