Friday, September 23, 2005

Wow! It's the middle of the day!

Littleman is sleeping, Bigguy is practicing writing his letters. It is quiet, I can think, aand it's the middle of the afternoon! It's a miracle!!!!
Last night I made an homemade lasagna for dinner, even made the sauce my self from raw ingredients-nothing canned or jarred. With the time it took the sauce to simmer down where I wanted it, it took two days total, but it was THE BEST lasagna ever! Hubby, who is not a huge lasagna fan ate a bunch, then brought a bunch more to work with him today. He said it's something he would request in the future-which from him, on foods that were previously not faves, is very high praise indeed.
Oh-ultra deliceous tomato recipe(Sorry mom, the initial directions I gave you were wrong)
Slice ripe tomatoes-Quarters for large tomatoes, halves for roma
place in large-NON-metalic bowl
sprinkle with course salt and white pepper
add two to three tablespoons olive oil, mix with hands to coat tomatoes
place tomatoes on cookie sheet with lip(to collect juices) leaving excess juice and oil in bowl
bake at 200 degrees for 6 to 8 hours-

Yes, six to eight hours at 200. You can do two hours at 350, but it's not quite the same. They turn out almost like tomato candy! Delicious-eat plain, on toast, with pasta in sauces or on own, on pizza.MMMMMMmmmmmm

Littleman is going to be 1 in three weeks.Man how time flies.

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