Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My brain is leaving me.

I remember this feeling, I am slowly becaming scatter brained. As if in answer to my last post-it hits me-part of it may be my problem after all! I lost bit's and peices of my minds capabilities with my other pregnancies. I hit points where carrying on a cohesive conversation became difficult. To put it bluntly-I got dumb. It is temporary, and it will come and go during the pregnancy. My doctor and others tell me it is somewhat common for pregnant women, but they cannot explain it. I just call it the prego brain.
I will stop mid sentance and forget what I was saying, I will repeat my self, I will laugh at innapropriate things, I will feel like an idiot for about two to three hours out of most days, then the baby comes, and when I can start getting 4-6 hours of sleep again-it gets better, so please-bear with some awkward posts.

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