Monday, September 26, 2005

Like being high, without the giggly parts

I am more braindead than normal right now. I just got off the phone with Sistah-girl, and the only way I could describe it to her was "Like being stoed for a week, without the good parts". Here's what's going on. I was sick last monday and tuesday-major sinus issues, lots of breathing problems, little appetite nd very interrupted sleep. When you are only taking care of yourself, this is a problem, but workable. You get a lot of sleep, you have family or freinds bring you soup, and you sleep, lots. When you are taking care of a family, it is more difficult. Even though Hubby was home, the boys are used to the way momma does things. I m the priary caregiver, after all, and it doesn't matter to them that I'm sick, I should be taking care of them. After some grumbling and some hurt feelings, all was better. Were the real problems arise, however, is I am still in the first trimester of my pregnancy with Baby#3. I am supposed to be getting a heaping ton of rest, eating many small meals, ad drinking lots of fluids, not to mention excersise. Also, sinse I am in the first tri, I am very limited in what substances I can put into my body to fight this sinus crap off. I have been in a haze of benedryl and very little continuous sleep for a seven days. Heres the thing about sleep. No sleep at all will eventually drive you crazy, but asa long as you get some sleep, you will be able to function. I can still cook, if I am only cooking, or if I set timers for everything. I can still knit, as long as it is a peice that I can set down every few rows without destroying, and I can carry a conversation with my 4 year old-any older, and all bet's are off. I cannot really carry a train of thought or follow a conversation for more than about two minutes right now. I can still do computer stuff, blogging, e-mailing, chatting, IMing, etc, because a log is kept. If I get lost I just scrool back untill I remeber what's going on. Man this sucks, but a few more naps, a few more cups of tea, and a few more days, and I should be back to good.

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