Wednesday, September 28, 2005

the quest for the ultimate babysling

I NEED to get a baby sling before Baby#3 graces us with it's presence. I use the term sling, as opposed to carrier. S carrier denotes a backpack/frontpack thing in my mind. I have had those, and not been terribly fond of them. If you are just you and the babe, it's cumbersome to work. I want a baby sling. Something versatile, that I can use from birth to about 35 lbs, front, hip, and back carry. If any one outhtere in blogland have a suggestion, I would appreciate it. I am doing research, but it never hurts to get other oppinions before I purchase.
Thanks. Babywearing is not only good for momma and baby, it's about the only way I'll be able to kee on eye on all three at once, or go shopping with all three alone.

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Anonymous said...

Just go to Babies r us (send your mom) and get a "Baby Sling"(nojo origanal sp?) I loved mine and we used it all the time as baby #2 had colic, even got good at BFing in it - really great in line at cub and the kids are just starting to loose it and will keep your #2 in the cart so you won't have to chase him!!! Just one of the many time it came in handy that you just don't think of in the biginning.
I miss you all - HP
Good luck with #3 and say hi to Sis.