Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Someone, anyone, help me out here

What is it about being a stay at home mom, or housewife, that makes some people think that I am stupid, unemployable, in a controlling relationship, or any combination of the three?
Really, do I come off as being an imbecile? Do I have no social skills whatsoever? Am I never seen in public with out Hubby? Do I not budget an entire household? Am I unable tokeep to a schedule, hold intelligent conversation, or follow directions from my house to another location? Why is it that peo[ple give me the attitude of "your just a housewife, what do you know about the realworld?" Did I do something to deserve this by following a path I felt was best for my family's mental and emotional health-if not a little straining finacially? We get by, sometimes just barely, but we manage. I am not a bad person, a stupid person, an oblivious person, a controlled person, a slave. I am just a person who does not get a paycheck, who made differrent choices than you did, and please, don't look down on my for that.

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C. JoDI said...

Hello, HW2K-

bokeh from Plastic here, and I was just checking out your blog. I sympathize with your travails re: staying at home. I'd like to say that both me and my wife work and that she would love nothing more than to stay at home with our children, but we could not do that on my salary alone. This facet of quality of life is one that we contemplate every day as we pay other people to simulate a loving family while we rent ourselves in exchange for survival. Consider yourself lucky. There are those of us on the other side who do.