Tuesday, September 27, 2005

shameless plug for gifts

I really, really, want some Flying Spaghetti Monster loot. Especially the pirate flagfront/graph on back shirt and the pirate fish shirt. Hmmmm...if people need gift ideas for birthday, x-mas, or just lavishing presents on me for no reason, one of them thar shirts would sure be swell!
(please note, I did not request for baby related gift giving, if they have anything in baby-sizes or children sizes, that would be great for the kids, especially the "my dad is a pirate" shirt, but I will not use the kids or pregnancy as a way for me to get non-maternity/nursing clothing) Oh, yeah, size large should be good, once Baby#3 is here, and I am no longer breastfeeding/blessed with mommy boobage.

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