Thursday, September 22, 2005


I do not have a lot of readership. Part of the reason is that I have not told very many peoples about my little place here in blogland, but, quite frankly, the main reason seems to be, that no matter how good of a writing style I have, I am boring. I have a pretty funnly day to day life, but, when I have time to blog, I am so tired, so hurried, or so...I don't know, in "momma" mode, that I cannot always put out there what my day is.
People really don't want to know about the daipers, potty-training, morning sickness, preschool prep, or feeding schedules-but here is one of the only places I can rant about it. Add to that, as much asI want to share what magically funny or precious thing either boy did, I also want to keep it close and personal. I am working on striking a balance, a happy median, but in the mean time, please bear with me, and hey, leave a comment or tell a friend!

Now, something we haven't had here in a looooong time-A Defunct-Dad Rant!!!
We moved the last weekend in July. At that time, I had not really spoken to dad for about a month or so. Other people (like my mother in law) had spoken to him, and he had left many messages, but after my brother's graduation fiasco, I really didn't want to speak to him.(For those who don't know, even though I was invited to Bro's grad party, nobody told me when his actual grad ceremony was, until after the fact, when I was e-mailed many pics of said ceremony, captioned Bro and His Family, with my step-sis's family, but no me, hubby, or boys, since WE WEREN"T INVITED!) I didn't tell DDad that we were moving, nor did I give him address or phone number, and he does not have my cell number. I have not heard from him since. why would this upset me, since I effectively cut him out of my life?? Because after him telling me for the last four years (when he magically reappeared after a six year absence) that I need to try harder to be part of the family and make things work, that this man, who has all but one of my e-mail adresses, has not dropped me a line to see whats up. This man, who talked to me on my oldest sons birthday, reminded me that littlest bro's birthday was coming up, and they would like to see my kids, never wished his first grandson a happy day, or even mentioned it, sent them a card, when he had the address, or even asked to speak to him. This is what prompted me to let him go. After all the years that I let him hurt me, and made excuses for him, HE hurt MY son, and that just won't do.


Rosslee said...

Hey I like your blog, and I basically have no kids, however I happen to count my aging mother and blind brother as kids for they act just like children at times. Gesh

I will be back to check out your blog for sure.

Anonymous said...

You don't need people like that in your life. I moved 350 miles away from family because I just didn't want to keep explaining my wacko dad to my kids for their whole lives.