Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Settled In

We moved, on schedule, just like we were supposed to. We kept to the schedule because the cable company was supposed to be out on Friday, the 29th of july, between five and eight pm to set up our cable and internet. This did not happen. There was a SNAFU on the companies side, and our service order got changed, so we didn't have any phone, internet, or cable until the 4th of August, almost a week after we moved. Most everything in the common area'sis unpacked and s4et up, we still have some pictures to hang, and some VHS movies that need a home. We didn't realize how many VHS we had, 'cause we have been watching DVDs for so long, we will figure something out. I still need to get the boys room organized, but it is hard to do during the day, because I need to go thru the toys, geting rid o the ones that are broken, incomplete, etc...and you cannot really do that when the chillen's are awake, but I don't want to wake them up, doing it after they are asleep...I will get it figured out. Hubby and my room? Well, it is an organized mess. I vowed when we moved that I would not let it become the dangerzone that it was before, and it isn't, but I need to do A LOT of organizing and sorting. I have many, many clothes that are way to big for me anymore I have to get rid of, and some clothes that I just don't wear. Then there is Hubby's stuff. It is hard to sort thru his, HE doesn't even know what he will and won't wear, it varies by his moods. I will have it figured out though. I had all the common areas done in the time frame I laid out for myself, I will finish the private area's in the time frame I set for that project.
Once again, I am in my own home, and trying to be superwoman. This time, however, I am getting recognition for what I am doing, so it is all good.

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