Saturday, August 13, 2005


Ok women(and men) out there-I have an assignment for all of you. I want everyone to sit down and write out why they are beautiful. You don't have to post or publish it, but everyone is beautiful in some way, even if they are not happy with their current bodies. Society is suffering from a lack of beauty, we need to bring it back...I'll start

I am beautiful. I am a size 12/14, I way 175-180lbs, I am curvy. I love my curves, they are mine. I have flabby underarms, I didn't have the flab until after I became a MOTHER. I have a potbelly, because I carried children. I love my body, fat and all. It is mine. I haven't shaved in a week, my hair is greasy, I have bags under my eyes, yet my Hubby still finds me irrisistable. I have lovely legs, beautiful eyes, and I like my mouth, it sometimes smiles one one side without my knowledge. I love myself, and I am beautiful