Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Ok, so maybe quandary is too strong a word for it. Dilemma, problem, inkling upset?
As many of you know, I was married and divorced in a past-pre-housewife2000 life. I like to say that My ex was a sociopath, but I am afraid that would make the other sociopaths cry and have hurt feelings. Everynow and then, various little birdies keep me updated on what he is doing and his general whereabouts in town. They just want me to be prepared if I should happen to run into him, and apparently he asks about me everytime he sees someone with info on me. The latest peice of info I have recieved confirmed something I already knew, and elaborated the hell out of it. My ex lies beautifully on his resume, he does it in such a way that it is hard ti pinpoint, and could potentially really fuck a company over. He has taken this one step further in starting a business with two other people and really screwing a bunch of people over, bigtime, potentially and allegedly. Do I say something? If so to whom? do I let it drop? He is in the security feild(both computer and physical) so I am uncertain as to the level of harm that could come to people, maybe a lot maybe nothing. But if someone uses his services, then gets screwed over or majorly injured, am I culpable because I didn't say anything when I know what he is saying is not so? I understand that a lot changes in five and a half years, but much of his claims are from when we were together, or before we were together. AAARRGGH...What to do, and how do I know that this isn't all some sort of "you made a part of my life utter hell and I want to get back at you somehow"kick???


crystal said...

I would recommend you stay out of it. How did you even find out what's on his resume? Maybe the people who gave you this info should be the ones to rat him out, if necessary.

As you said, this whole relationship with the ex was in the past, and may as well be a past life. ANY action you take regarding this person is, in effect, perpetuating the relationship.

If nothing else, think of your two kids. Do you want to do ANYTHING that might bring this person's wrath upon you, and by extension, them?

Mom the Hipple said...

I agree with Crystal, one of my bigger worries (besides Jazzdad getting hit by cars) is that the sociopath/monster could try to harm you or the children. Never, never make contact, even obliquely, it just justifies their hatred and actions in their own eyes. Ignoring someone is the best revenge, most ego-maniacs can't stand it. I would reccomend that you not blog about him anymore either, it could get back to him via the very same "friends" who told you about him, people can be unbelievably stupid or mean.

Hw2K said...

I really didn't think I would do anything anyways, it just irks me that he seems to be getting away with it.
As for him possibly hearing about the blog, ain't gonna happen, totally differrent sphere of people. I understand your concern, but with two kids, a third on the way, and a good Hubby-I don't want to do anything to jeopordize that.