Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Littleman, not so little

When I was pregnant with Littleman, there was some concern. The umbilical cord only had two vessels instead of three, and I has havinh intermittant labor pains for about a month before he was born(not Braxton Hicks-actual contractions.) Due to this, we had screanings done weekly. Everything was looking good, he was looking to be a very big boy. Well, bodies react differently to stress, and unborn Littleman lost some wieght, and quit putting on length. When he was orn, he was very healthy, but smaller than we anticipated, 6lbs13ounces and 19 1/2 inches. Well, now Littleman is Nine and a alf months old, he is also The Baby That Ate Manhattan. 29 inches, 21lbs13ounces. Lets look at this-in nine and a half months, he has grown an inch a month, he has also put on 15 pounds--FIFTEEN. He is healthy, he is big, there are children larger than him. Man.. Bigguy on the other hand finally started putting on weight, he is now, at 4 years old, 34 lbs, he is also 39 1/2 inches-what is surprising aout this? he has grown TWO INCHES in the last month-once he started putting weight back on-he just shot up! Well-back to packing, we move in two days.WOOHOO!!


Mom the Hipple said...

Maybe Little Guy can help move furniture this weekend!

Anonymous said...

So, did the move happen?