Friday, August 26, 2005

cravings, mornig sickness, and fast growing children

Part of being pregnant, as most people know, is cravings and morning sickness. Cravings I can deal with, with this particular pregnancy they seem to be all over the board, two noticeable distinctions being carrots and dairy, especially cold milk, otherwise, something will just hit. Potato chips. Stir fry for dinner instead of spaghetti. Cookies. Onions. Pickles. Etc...etc...etc.... What sucks, however, is the morning sickness. With my first pregnancy I had very little, and mostly in thhe second trimester, with my second pregnancy I had it almost from day one, untill into the third tri, and for a while the smell of cooking meat did me in. This pregnancy, though, points out the cruellness of the term. As one person pointed out-it's called morning sickness, you can't have it at night, can you? Yes, it is called morning sickness, because that is when it generally hits, and when it is the worst. There is a semi scientific answer for this-in the morning your tummy is empty of food, your blood sugar is low, and your sense of smell(when you are pregnant) is way strong. You sit up, stomach acid moves around, you get light headed, you get nauseous, you try to eat, the smell makes you sick. I tend to get sick in the mid afternoon and evenings. I usually just feel nauseous and lightheaded, sometimes I break out in a cold sweat, and thankfully I have yet to vomit. I hope it is over soon.
While all of this is going on, and I am being ass tired(which is very common during the first tri, makes sense, really, you are groing a brand new person in you, a lot od development happens in the first tri, you are going to be tired), I notice how much my boys are growing around me. Bigguy is once again thrilled to be a big brother, and thrilled that he gets to teach littleman how to be a big brother, and he'll be the biggest brother, AND he will be starting pre-kindergarten soon(Yay my towns public school system for having a large variety of preschool/prekindergarten classes to choose from). Bigguy is speaking better every day, counting and learning and growing, not always listening, but you can look at him, and start to get an idea of what a stubborn, inteligent, obstinate, charismatic person he is growing into.
Littleman is truely amazing. He has hit the point where he is starting to try, so hard, to form words, and he finally babbles now, instead of just screamming all the time. He is also trying, so hard, to stand on his own. He can stand with minimal help, he can pull himself up, and now he wants to STAND! You can see the concentration in his little two-toothed mouth. You can see his pudgy little(okay big-the kid is gonna be really tall and solid) legs, and he gets his legs straight, his butt in the air, he start to try to take the hands off the ground, finger by finger, he'll get one whole hand off the ground, start to straighten up, and BOOM!!! come crashing down right on his bottom. Sometimes he looks frustrated, sometimes he looks so proud for having gotten that far, and I just try not to laugh.
My children are growing, almost to fast to take in. Luckilly I am here for it, and their room is almost can wait another day to finish...I can watch them play a little one needs to know

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