Monday, August 29, 2005

waiting for the mail, and minor changes.

I am waiting for the mail carrier, whom is usually here an hour ago. The mail person will be bringing me information on pre-kindergarten for Bigguy so I can have some idea of what to tell him when he asks when will school be starting, and what will he be doing. But of course, when you are expecting something in the mail, it will take forever to get there.

I would like to take thin moment to announce a minor change to my blog's comments section. In order to avoid spam comments, which we have previously recieved, I have added a verification section. All this amounts to is one extra step. You will be shown some squigly, slightly obscured letters and/or numbers and have to correctly type them in order for your comment to be posted. I know this may seem unfair to you, but it is the only way I am willing to keep my comments section open for the few of you who choose to comment. Otherwise I may find myself getting rid of comments all together, because who really wants to read pointless spam.

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