Tuesday, August 23, 2005

first comes love, then comes marriage...

Well, hubby and I will be having a third(count-em, Third!) child somewhere abouts march or april. Kinda threw us for a loop, but we always knew, after the way the boys were concieved, that it'd happen when it happened. So far the general response from family and friends seems to be joy mixed with concern. Yes, we know that Littleman isn't even a year yet, yes, we understand that it'll be more money, yes, we understand that it'll mean three kids!! Bigguy will be starting pre-kindergarten this year, and will be taking a shot at public school kindergarten the following year-The school district we are in has a very very good gifted and talanted program that starts at the kindergarten level-YAY. Hubby is looking to get a raise here in two months, maybe a promotion to boot. After the first month moving and van needing work chaos is over-our budget is not that grim looking, and then remember that we have paying roomates, living out of the way in the basement. There is really nothing to worry about other than my sanity-so far it seems to be holding. We have lots o supplies if it is a boy, and if we have a girl-yes, we will need girl clothes, I doubt that will be a problem when the only kids are boys and the entire family is itching for a girl. Well, time to eat now, small meals keep the morning sickness at bay-later

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