Tuesday, March 15, 2005

subject reality

Someone close to me suffered a break from reality this week-end. This is not easy to deal with, being firmly intrenched in the realness of the situation. However, it did make me think more about reality-how can one "break" from it-if it is real to them at the time, it is their reality. This is frightening to me. I am worried that not everyone involved is handling this in the right way, then again, I don't neccessarily know the right way. I know that I can support them in thir wise decissions, help keep them from making blatently unwise decissions, and love and care for them know matter what. I am sorry for playing the pronoun game, but I donot want to release to much information about them w/out their permission, and anyone reading this who needs to know, already does.
On the plus side I look at my Bigguy, who at this point is mostly oblivious of the situation, take pleasure in very simple things, in the way that only the young and innocent can. His favorite blanket was washed today, he has it in bed-fresh from the drier. "Momma, it is fluffy and safe and warm and cuddly, not cold and scratchy at all, I love my blanket for being that for me, Momma." He doesn't understand why I was crying while smiling and hugging him. He doesn't understand how much we all need something that is fluffy and safe and warm and cuddly, not cold and scratchy at all, to love and cherish all our own as we grow up and face the bad things that life can throw at us. He doesn't understand that they are harder and harder to come by the older we get. I am just so very glad that I was able to give him something like that at this young age, hopefully it will stay like that for him, and hopefully I will be able to instill the tools he will need to keep obtaining the healthy things that will do that fo him as he grows p and out on his own many years from now.
I am torn between wanting to protect him from everything while at the same time exposing him to asmuch in like as I can. I must come to terms, now, with the fact that I cannot always fix everything for him, that if I am not careful, I could damage other things for him, and in the end pray that everything has a middle ground that is happy and healthy. It must be hard to be a parent, especially one that is close to your child, and have to go through this. But if you are, you must take comfort in that you were brave enough and smart enough to do something to help, and then understand that all you can do is try to help. It is very hard to relinquish control of your childrens lives to your children, I imagine, but even if they are not stable, unless they are in a situatiion to have their costodial rights removed, it must be done. Just love them, try to help, encourage the good, discourage the bad, and no matter how hard it gets, listen.
Well, I'm signing off for the night, drink some cocoa, eat some cookies, watch a movie or read a book, and try to nnot worry about reality for a while.

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