Saturday, March 12, 2005

As the world turns, theese are the cookies of our lives

Well-it's crack-ummm-cookie time again for the girl scouts. This is not exactly bad, but neither is it good. I was a girl scout once-so I know the return on each box of cookies sold at the troop level is a rather small sum, but on the other hand-I get cookies! Do I need cookies? No. Are they good for my physical well being? Onve again, no. Will they help me with my goals of not becoming horribly overweight again? Most deffinately not. So why do I keep buying the dang things? Because, my loyal readers, they are crack! Girl Scout Cookies have to be one of, if not the most, addicting substances in the world, made worse by the fact that they are seasonal. Idon't think they would hold as much appeal elsewise. Hubby and I have spent ludicrious amounts of money on the cookies this year, more than we spent on fundraisers for our own boy scout troop. We are pathetic. The lure of cookies is too much for me. Cookies are versatile! You can eat them, stack them, teach children math with them( If you have three cookies, and mommy eats two-how many are left?) They have enough preservatives you could probably build a house and power your car with them!
Now I must go and eat the cookies, for writing about them seems to have stregthened their hold over me...mmmmm....thin mints.....

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Grammy Bev said...

Sevannah, Sevannah! And I don't mean Georgia.