Thursday, March 03, 2005

My sister is sooo cool!

Today, hubby was diagnosed with his second kidney stone in a year. Once he go out of the emergency room, I had to go to Walgreens to fill his prescription. What does this have to do with my sister being cool? I talked to her for the twenty-five minutes it took to fill his prescription. We haven't really just talked for a long time, and for even longer I tended to keep my thoughts and stuff on a deeper level to myself. I always kinda feered that my family wouldn't approve or would think I was nuts or stupid. I found out I was wrong. We have a lot of similar views on how the world should work, and that it dose not work the way it is now. I found out that she has the same "fears" talking to mom that I do, even though her relationship is much more open than mine, which is Mom wll think we're nuts. This entire revelation came because of an interview I heard on the radio this morning from a woman who survived Nazi germany because she was a child of nazi's, and just wrote a book about it. I called my sister to tell her about this because we are starting a book club, and I thought it would be a great book for tat. She agreed. All of a sudden we were in a conversation about organics, child rearing, the way we want the world to be, about how working for giant fceless orginizations is not the greatest thing one can and should do with thier lives, about how people should all work for the betterment of others, all sorts of stuff. It was awsome! She is awsome. I love my sister and I hope she knows this. I tell her often and will tell her again when I see her.

People-this is important! If you only learn one thing from this blog, let it be the same key thing I try to teach my bos everyday. If you love some one-you can never tell them too ofton. You must make every action in you life be filled wiith love and compassion if you can. Hatred and vengeance are self defeating and wrong. You need to love yourself,not so that you can love others, but so you can accept their love, and you are worthy of anyone's love you get. It ma sound cheesy, contrite and even hippyish but I believ it is true. Love is the key-it breeds understanding, happiness, has health benefits-mental, physical, and spiritual. It rocks.

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