Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dancingin my head.

I told my Bro in law the other day that I'm always dancing in my mind, sometimes it just leaks out. He giggled like a school girl =0) Sometimes you just need to do stuff like that-sing for no reason, dance around while doing dishes, hum while you type-whatever-it makes you feel better. Bigguy has picked up on this, and sings often, manytimes while on the potty, which Grammy Bev will more than likely(and embarrassingly) point out a young HW2K used to do. Parents are really good for remember the things you don;t want others to know, but they also remember every good thing about you. Children kinda work the otherway-Find me a teen who doesn't piss and moan about how their folks treat'em-in most cases it is out of love for kids that make parents do silly things.
On a slightly different note-Blue's clues is an awesome kids program, but wll drive an adult insane, Sesame Street still entertains me, and we need more saturday morning cartoons-like the Smurfs, and the such-well-that's all for now-see y'all at my next random rambling!

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