Monday, March 07, 2005

I WANT COCOA, NOW!! be three years old again, where if you scream about it long enough, you just might get it. I think if we want the war to end we should send Bigguy into the oval office. " I want it over, W, I want it over, I WANTIT OVER MAKE IT STOP, NOW!!!" after a few hours of that, at high decibals, non stop, we just might see the troops pulled. Want a quicker tax return? Want to get out of that parking ticket? Want to upgrade to first class? Hire my three year old!


Grammy Bev said...

Ahhh, and when speaking to his Grammy Bev he doesn't even have to scream, he gets whatever he wants (okay, sometimes I do say no, otherwise he would be insufferable instead of cute).

Actually, Bush has the temperament of a 3 year old - he believes the world revolves around him, he uses bad logic or even lies to get what he wants, he doesn't like to share (the wealth), he pouts when he doesn't get his way, etc.

Hw2K said...

But, unlike Bush, MY three year old can speak in complete sentences!