Tuesday, March 29, 2005

sick child generates many questions, and my first of many random lists

Currantly, the Bigguy is ill. He woke me up last night to announce that he thru up in bed and was feeling, I quote, "Under the wedder." He went back to bed after being cleaned up, then proceeded to whine and nap off and on untill about noon. He has been announcing every hour or so that he is sick, unless he wants something to eat that a sick toddler shoudn't have, than it's (once again quoting) "I feel better, momma, I am in the wedder now." I figured that, being ill, he would not be as inquisitive as normal, I was wrong. In the last few hours alone we have been asked where does popcorn come from(the answer apparently is not the microwave ;)) what are trains made out of, how come I have to sleep when I'm sick, what is the difference between tummy food and head food, and when can i take tylonal again. This has been nonstop. And since he is ill, he is whiny, especially when you don't give what he feels is the right answer. Through a teething 5 month old and a hubby with Kidney stones(although he is on vicodin) into the mix and you have some idea of my day.

Now, my first of many random lists-things you never expect to say to or hear from your small child
1-Underwear is not a hat
2- "Momma, I have a big penis!"
3- you can have cookies for breakfast only if you drink juice with them
4-momma, will your boobs fall off if you don't wear that?(while holding up a bra from the laundry hamper)
5- no, the easter bunny is not santa's biggest enemy, and niether is the tooth fairy
6- I understand that you are warm, but that doesn't mean you can strip naked and play in the toilet(at Target)
7- Where are momma's tax return checks?
8- If the dog eats dog food, and the cat eats cat food, what does the toilet eat?
9- Don't stab your poppa with a fork
10- rain isnot birdy pee


Mom the Hipple said...

How doe you know there isn't some birdy pee in the rain?

Hw2K said...

=P phphphphbbbbttt